Motorcycle modification: What kind of handlebar is right for you?

on July 15, 2019

Core Tip: When we ride on a motorcycle, there are three main parts of the bike that come into contact with our body: the handlebar, the seat and the pedal, among which the handlebar plays an important role in steering and balance, and its modification and the replacement of the bike will play a major role. Especially for an American-style cruiser, if you want to change the bike to be more cool and more in line with your own personality, then the first part is to start with the handlebar.


I will introduce the modification of the handlebars in detail. This includes technical indicators such as size materials and parameters. We will also introduce a lot of details about the modification, including the brand and price. There are also some specific considerations for my past experience.






Generally, the width of the handlebar varies from 50CM to 120CM. This is the main parameter because it determines our steering flexibility. The parameters of the handlebar height and the rear drag size are also essential, the height is the handlebar height of the handlebar, and the distance between the upper triangular plate to which the vehicle is attached. The rear drag size refers to the horizontal distance between the geometric connection of the handlebar's handle width (the line between the handlebars) and the junction of the upper square of the car. We need different driving attitudes through these three main parameters. Generally speaking, the distance of the rear drag can be realized by tilting the back of the column and the horizontal tilting of the handlebar, so the back drag distance is generally composed of two parts. The other size parameters are mainly affecting the shape of the handlebar.


The material of the handlebars is generally seamless steel pipe, but also made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, but the quantity is relatively small. Typical handlebars are 7/8", 1", 1-1/2" and 1-1/4" in diameter. However, the diameter of the mounting sleeve position is 7/8 inches like a Japanese bike, American Harley-Davidson original bike, usually the diameter of the steel pipe of the handlebar is 1 inch. The bold handlebars are standard in the place where the handles and the posts are installed so that we can easily change them.




The manufacturing process of the handlebars seems to be simple. In fact, it is technically high to make a handlebar, or to produce a top handlebar. Seamless steel pipes are used for the materials, but there are also relatively low-grade seamed steel pipes. Cold bending is a necessary processing condition. The rigidity of the handlebars that are bent by heating is not the best, and the diameter of the corners varies greatly. The advantage is that the molding is easy to rebound, and the metal is also elastic. It's like you will rebound after you bend it to 30 degrees and release the fixture.


Some of the handlebars need to be welded, generally using argon arc welding, but the welding temperature is relatively high, and it is necessary to use a clamp to maintain the shape, and it can be removed after cooling. Electric welding is also used on some low-end handlebars, but the treatment of welds does not achieve the desired effect. Such handlebars are more suitable for retro cars. Generally, the cost of such handlebars is not very high, so they are sold. The price is also relatively cheaper.


Some enthusiasts process the handlebars themselves, using hot bending and electric welding, so the actual cost is not high, but the quality is difficult to guarantee. In the absence of a fixture, the T-shape will cause the thermal deformation of the weld to cause the handlebar to smash. There are also details, such as the treatment of the weld, the burr treatment at the opening, and the smooth inner tube required for the internal routing. The most important thing is electroplating. Good handlebar plating is generally done by vacuum cathode coating. We will continue to introduce the details of electroplating in the following chapters. Connection: There are two main ways to connect the handlebars and the car, namely, soft and hard. Many original handlebars use a rubber soft cover when connecting the upper triangle, effectively avoiding vibration from the engine and the road surface, but it has no direct road surface and very direct control. Hard links rarely appear on the original car. It works with T-BAR to improve handling performance but at the expense of some comfort.



There are many types of handlebars, BEACH BAR (Beach Flat), APE (Ape), T-BAR (T-handle), Z-BAR (Z-handle), which are mainly divided into 4 categories.   Ordinary handlebars, referring to OEM handlebars, the diameters are 7/8 and 1 inch.   BEACH BAR, literal translation is the beach handle, which means that its appearance is curved, but the height is very short. Mostly used by FATBOY and HERITAGE.   APE is the meaning of the ape. This refers not to the shape of the handlebar, but to the posture of the rider. The high handle lifts the driver's arm and looks like a monkey on the tree, so these models are named after the image.


T-BAR, the shape is like the English T, the handlebar and the post are welded together, generally using a hard connection, the handling feels good, but not suitable for long driving.



Z-BAR, this kind of handlebar is liked by many OLD SCHOOL players. OLD SCHOOL direct translation is the old school, but English means old school, it is retro player. As the name implies, the shape of the handlebar is two zigzags.


Another type is the high-end handlebars, which are expensive and technically high. The representative brand is CUSTOM CYCLE CONTROL. They developed the absolute top design in 2003. All the brake fluid pot and throttle wire coils are inside the handlebars. They also assemble DAKOTA instruments on the handlebars. Many styles can be selected. After receiving the goods, you only need to install the line and the bike parts that have been discharged under the handlebar. After many lines and complicated parts are routed inside the handlebars, the appearance of the handlebars is very simple and meets the needs of many modified cars. However, the price of three or four thousand dollars is prohibitive.

What kind of handlebar is right for you? it really depends on what kind of bike you have. as the classic style of low cruising style, the bike is usually modified with flat beach handlebars, and the sporty style will be modified with T-BAR or V-shaped handlebars... There is no established law, personal preference is the dominant position, and modification is the change of personality, so there is no certain rule. Flexible use of matching can get a good conversion effect. Because it is the primary contact with the human body, it is also responsible for the manipulation, which plays an important role. Changing a handlebar is a different mood. The straight beach will make you feel at ease, and will not forget the scenery on the road. Ignore the floral fragrance on the side of the road. The T-handle handles that feel full of fighting, let your arms stretch forward, and the sensitive control allows you to not allow cars in front, always riding on the move. The new style of handlebars will add a lot to our bike, and at the same time change the handlebars to improve mood.

If we think of the bike as a horse, the handlebar is the reins; if the motorcycle is our lover, the handlebar is her unfolding arms.


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