For Female Riders --- No Need To Ask For Help and Pick Up Your Dropped Heavy Bike

on June 25, 2019

Once I heard this:'' One cannot be a good biker if one never dropped once." 

It is pretty awkward that we often feel embarrassed while that happens, but more importantly, it is what you need to do after this.

The first thing is, of course, pick up the dropped bike. 

Always remember 3 things: engine off, shift to gear and put down the support hanger. Remember, always check before you proceed to the next step.

The next step is picking up your bike. Yes, it is very heavy, so heavy that most of the people would think it is very hard to pick it up. But the truth is, it is simple. By using the strength of your knee, you can easily lift the bike by leaning your hips on the seat.

Here is a perfect example of how to do it:




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