HTTMT- Motorcycle 2.0 Reefer Oil Cooler Fan Cooling System For Harley Touring 1999-2008

HTTMT- Motorcycle 2.0 Reefer Oil Cooler Fan Cooling System For Harley Touring 1999-2008



  • Dual IP68 Waterproof Fans
  • Increased Air Flow to 220 CFM?????????s
  • Durable Thermal Switch with Built in Wiring
  • Plug n Play Wiring Harness
  • Waterproof Connectors
  • Highly Rated Viton O-Ring Gasket & more!

  • Comes with a FAN assisted oil cooler with a electronic thermostat integrated into the oil filter adapter that switches on the fan at 220 Degrees.
  • The fan then switches off once the oil temperature lowers to 190 degrees. This maintains your engine oil temperature between 200-210 degrees.
  • Heat is the worst enemy for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Easy to install with basic hand tools.
  • Most riders will agree that when you are stuck in stop-n-go traffic or riding on those hot summer days,is when your bike will start to build up excessive amounts of heat leading to loss of performance, shortened engine longevity as well as discomfort to the rider.
  • The goal is to maintain your engines oil temperature. The way to do this is to let your engine get up to 210-220 to burn off the condensation in the crank cases.
  • Then turn on the fan to drive the temperature down to 190 at that time the fan will turn off. As the temperature goes up to 210 the fan turns on to keep your engine cool.
  • The covers are a steel construction with an steel grid that can take the abuse from the rocks and debris from the road.
  • The custom made oil filter adapter is machined from 6061 aluminum. The cooling fans are water resistant and dust proof.


  • Condition:100% brand new
  • Color : Same as picture shown
  • Material:metal
  • Detailed Installation Notes included.
  • Complete Kit Ready To Install


  • Harley Touring Models 1999-2008 (except for Trikes)



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