HTTMT- Street ATV Off Road CRU Manual Cam Timing Chain Tensioner For FZ6 600 YZF 1000

HTTMT- Street ATV Off Road CRU Manual Cam Timing Chain Tensioner For FZ6 600 YZF 1000



    • Instruction is included.
    • New high performance manual cam chain tensioner.
    • New high quality CNC billet aluminum.


    • Manual cam chain tensioners are designed to replace the automatic and hydraulic tensioners on high performance engines.??
    • The automatic adjusters can back out when the throttle is closed suddenly at high rpm or revved really quickly.??
    • This allows the cams to go momentarily out of time, and can result in bent valves and/or serious engine damage.??
    • Hydraulic tensioners have a tendency to put too much tension on the chain guide under high rpm/high oil pressure conditions, resulting in premature wear.??
    • Both problems can be eliminated with the installation of the Manual Tensioner.??
    • No mater what the engine does, the cam chain tension will remain constant.??
    • A Manual cam chain tensioner is a must for any kind of performance riding.??
    • These manual tensioners are CNC machined from billet alloy to exact tolerances for perfect fit.


    Yamaha/ Kawasaki Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Fits


    Kawasaki ATV
    KEF 300 Lakota 95-03
    87-88 KLF 110 Mojave
    85-88 KLF 185 Bayou
    88-02 KLF 220 Bayou
    03-11 KLF 250 Bayou
    86-05 KLF 300 Bayou 2x4 4x4
    93-99 KLF 400 Bayou
    84-86 KLF 110
    85 KLF 160
    86-87 KLT 185
    81-84 KLT 200A,B,C
    82-85 KLT 250 Prairie
    99-02 KVF 300A/B Prairie 2x4 4x4
    03-07 KVF 360 Prairie
    97-02 KVF 400 Prairie

    Kawasaki Off-Road
    78-84 KL 250 A/C
    94-96 KLX 250
    84-86 KL 600 KLR
    87-07 KL 650 KLR





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