25mm 1
  • SKU: USXH4063-GRAY-25-NO-LID

25mm 1" Hand Grips Handlebar Fit for Honda Suzuki kawasaki Cafe Racer US STOCK



  • Condition: 100% brand new Aftermarket Products
  • Modern, stylish, durable and functional
  • Enhance the look of your motorcycle with these custom hand grips
  • Flexible covers, fit your palm, slip shock absorption
  • Feeling very comfortable handlebar sets handshake
  • For a variety of bike riding
  • Not easy to fade
  • Comfort grip, not slippery hands, may be appropriate to relieve hand fatigue long drive
  • Suitable for 22mm / 25mm handlebar


  • Color: Same as picture shown
  • Material: Rubber
  • Hole diameter: Left side 22mm (7/8") , Right Side: 25mm (1")
  • Easy installation( Instruction not included)


  • Universal Fits Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati and BMW Motorcycle.
  • Parts of the compatibility is for reference. Please check and confirm this item will fit your motorcycle before purchase.

    Honda VT250 Magna 250 1995-1997
    Honda VT400 Shadow 400 1998-2017
    Honda NV400 Steed 400 1992-1997
    Honda VRX400 T (NC33) 19996
    Honda VT600 Shadow VLX Deluxe 1993-2007
    Honda VT600 Shadow VLX 1988-2007
    Honda VT750C2 Shadow A.C.E.1998-2001
    Honda VT750C2 Shadow Phantom 2010-2017
    Honda VT750C2 Shadow Spirit 2007-2009/2012-2014
    Honda VT750C2S Shadow Spirit 2013-2014
    Honda VT750C3 Shadow A.C.E. 2000-2001
    Honda VT750CD Shadow Deluxe 1998-2003
    Honda VT750C Shadow A.C.E.1998-2001
    Honda VT750C Shadow Aero 2004-2009/2011-2016
    Honda VT750DC Black Widow/ Shadow 2001-2002
    Honda VT750DC Shadow Spirit 2001-2003/2005-2007
    Honda VT750RS Shadow RS 2010-2013
    Honda VT1100C2 Shadow A.C.E. 1995-1999
    Honda VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre 2000-2007
    Honda VT1100C3 Shadow Aero 1998-2002
    Honda VT1100C Shadow 1992-1996
    Honda VT1100C Shadow Spirit 1997-2007
    Honda VT1100D2 Shadow A.C.E. 1999
    Honda VT1100T Shadow A.C.E. Tour 1998-2001
    Honda VT1300CR Stateline 2010-2016
    Honda VT1300CS Sabre 2010-2014
    Honda VT1300CT Interstate 2010-2015
    Honda VT1300CX Fury 2010-2017
    Honda VTX1300C 2004-2009
    Honda VTX1300R 2005-2009
    Honda VTX1300S 2003-2007
    Honda VTX1300T 2008-2009
    Honda VTX1800 2002-2008
    Honda VF750C2 Magna 1997-2000/2002
    Honda VF750CD Magna Deluxe 1995-1996
    Honda VF750C Magna 1993-2003
    Honda XVS400 Drag Star 1996-2017
    Honda XVS400C Drag Star Classic 1998-1999/2001-2012/2014-2017
    Honda XVS650 Drag Star 1997-2002
    Honda XVS650 V-Star Custom 1998-2017
    Honda XVS650 V-Star Midnight Custom 2005-2010
    Honda XVS650A Drag Star Classic 1998-2002/2004-2006
    Honda XVS650A V-Star Classic 1998-2016
    Honda XVS650AT Drag Star Silverado 2003/2005-2013
    Honda XVS650AT V-Star Silverado 2003-2011
    Honda XVS1100 Drag Star 1999-2003/2005-2008
    Honda XVS1100 XVS11A V-Star Custom 1999-2011
    Honda XVS1100 V-Star Midnight Custom 2005-2009
    Honda XVS1100A Drag Star Classic 2000-2008
    Honda XVS1100A XVS11AA V-Star Classic 2000-2011
    Honda XVS1100AT XVS11ATA V-Star Silverado 2003-2011
    Yamaha XVZ1300 1991-2013
    Yamaha XV1600 1999-2002



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